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Individual counseling for adults with depression, anxiety, PTSD or compulsive behaviors rooted in childhood trauma  


Are you an adult with great potential who has not reached it due to chronic depression, anxiety, PTSD or compulsive behaviors? Have you tried and failed for years to pinpoint the cause and fix it - either on your own or with the help of other therapists? In cases like this the odds are that the elusive, hidden cause lies rooted in your recurrent experiences of childhood trauma. Trauma during your developmental years can hold you back from achieving success and fulfillment at work and in relationships without having to be extreme. It may be surprising to learn that the trauma holding you back need not have been flagrant or extreme. It certainly does not need to rise to the level of mental, emotional or physical torture; bodily injuries necessitating hospitalization; incest; or being placed in foster care by CPS.  


Childhood trauma includes being ignored, emotionally invalidated, exploited, scapegoated for family dysfunction, verbally degraded, yelled at or slapped. It includes growing up in a chaotic household where you did not receive attention, holding, nurturing or encouragement. Did you witness your parents/caregivers drink alcohol to blackout, use drugs and experience paranoid behavior, cheat on, scream at, threaten or inflict violence upon each other? Were one or both of your parents mentally ill? Did one or both go to prison? Did one of them die young due to an accident, a frightening disease or a suicide? Were your siblings dramatically more favored and loved than you? Did your parents allow an older sibling to bully you? Did your parents expect you to parent your younger siblings while they partied or went on vacations? All of these are examples of childhood trauma significant enough to interfere with your development and with your level of achievement, success, and happiness as an adult.

Survivors of childhood trauma find a way to make it, but their survival comes at a cost. You are now an adult and although you pretend to feel OK to others, inside you hide decades of suffering from emotional and/or stress-induced somatic problems. Relevant examples are: obsessive and punitive self-criticism, crippling perfectionism, imposter syndrome, depression, emotional numbness, dissociation, anxiety, OCD, nightmares, insomnia, fatigue, stress headaches, abdominal distress, bowel problems, and fibromyalgia. You desperately want change, but nothing really changes no matter how many self-improvement books and videos you consume. There are moments when you just want to scream or call out to God explain why you have been singled out for so much pain. What would it be worth to you to work with me in therapy and accomplish permanent positive change? What would it be worth to you to break the chain of intergenerational trauma, actualize your full potential, and make a fresh start for yourself and your descendants?


When you see me in therapy you get a therapist who is trained and experienced in helping adult clients heal childhood trauma. You get a calm, reassuring presence, and a deep, highly focused listener who wants to see and feel the world through your eyes. I am touched by and genuinely responsive to your experiences, your story, and your needs. You don't get a bunch of formulaic, one-size-fits-all therapy techniques from me. My approach involves mutual collaboration, emotional attunement, empathy, emotional support, and the creative use of therapeutic tools customized for what is happening now within you and between us. Based on your specific background I will use metaphors to increase your self-awareness drawn from mythology, history, literature, art or philosophy. I know that revisiting old trauma through memory or even just talking about it can be frightening and triggering, so I teach you how to keep yourself safe before we start processing any trauma. If you experience intense reactions to a therapy session that cause you distress at work or home, I want you to call me so we can work together to ground you, make sense of the distress, and relieve it. 

I am very fond of humor to decrease tension, fear, and overblown worries, and to provide a more realistic, objective perspective. I find that humor is a wonderful medium for our connection and collaboration in your healing journey. I do therapy for individuals online and in-person. I am also developing therapy group retreats in nature that should be ready by the end of 2022. These retreats are intended to be a brief, focused, and intensive immersion into proven healing modalities away from the obligations and distractions of home. If you need a call to action let it be this: Isn't it time to stop coping with emotional pain and start flourishing? Isn't it time to learn to harvest the good and blossom as a person instead of narrowing your focus to what is wrong or bad in your life? Isn't it time to discover or create meaning and joy in your everyday life?  

For people who can't make time for office sessions or prefer the flexibility of working from home I offer online counseling. For people who prefer group work I offer 3-5 day retreats. Depending on interest, I can fashion retreats for small groups of people with a common therapuetic issue.

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"No bird soars too high if he soars on his own wings."  William Blake



About Harvey

Harvey grew up with a high degree of energy, spontaneity, playfulness, and humor. He believes that laughter and tears are the most human form of expression and a great way to connect with one's deepest self and with others. Harvey views therapy as an opportunity to revive, embrace, and live your authentic feelings. He uses a holistic, integrated approach to treating anxiety, depression, and trauma that includes meditation, visualization, nature reconnection, and nutritional psychiatry.