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About Harvey

Get to know Harvey & and how he became a therapist

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About Me



  • LPCC, licensed professional clinical counselor (#11679). 

  • Certified in somatic attachment therapy.

  • Completed six-month training in Internal Family Systems

  • Completed parts one and two of EMDR training

  • Completed parts one and two of Brain spotting training

  • Completed Breathe, Body, Mind training 

  • Currently training in the havening technique for PTSD

  • MS degree with honors in mental health counseling


As soon as you begin searching for a therapist online you will be struck by two things. One is that some therapists are generalists who claim to be experienced and proficient in treating any psychological problem you can think of. The other is that some therapists specialize either in a specific type of problem (like addiction, OCD or eating disorders) while others specialize in helping a particular population (like children, adults over 65, immigrants, refugees or LGBTQ). Ask yourself if you had a sports car, antique car or electric vehicle, would you take it to just any auto repair shop or would you take it to a mechanic who has devoted his career to working on your type of car and knows what he is doing. I am a therapist who has focused his education, training, and clinical experience helping adults who have been hurting ever since childhood due to traumas from that phase of life. If that's you, be aware that my mission and highest desire as a mental health professional is to provide you with genuine and effective help so you can finally feel good. I understand and empathize with what you have endured, what you have had to do to survive, and how much you have suffered. I know how scary it is to face the past but I will be your steadfast companion and support through the entire healing process. 

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