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Psychology Session

When intense anxiety strikes it is common to feel helpless and go blank regarding what to do to ground youself. Taking a deep breath and using one or more of these affirmations helps because it reminds you of your worth and your ability to choose how you feel. 

  • I am whole

  • I spread love and joy

  • I am worthy of love

  • I am loved

  • I am healed

  • I am blessed and I am grateful for my blessings

  • I am increasing in all good areas of my life

  • I am walking into my purpose and destiny

  • I deserve happiness

  • I choose happiness

  • I am happy to be alive

  • I am powerful and I am making a positive impact

  • My heart is open to others

  • I am proud of myself

  • I matter

  • My feelings matter

  • I have the right to feel as I do

  • I give myself space to express my feelings

  • I am free to be me

  • I am intelligent

  • I am hard working

  • I am always learning

  • I am capable

  • I am trustworthy

  • I am dependable

  • I am gifted

  • I am successful

  • I have a voice

  • I am compassionate and forgiving toward myself

  • I am kind to myself.

  • I am compassionate and forgiving toward others

  • I forgive myself

  • I am flexible and able to change

  • I am a beautiful human being

  • My heart is in the right place

  • I am courageous

  • I am spontaneous

  • I am creative

  • I am generous

  • I am unique

  • I am interesting

  • I am patient

  • I am enough. Always.

  • I am able to reach out when I am in distress or pain

  • I assist my family members and close friends when they are in distress or pain. 

Any of the following mantras can be said first thing in the morning or repeated throughout the day to remind yourself of the simple, common-sense truths that can take the air of the balloon of anxiety and restore you to baseline. 

  1. “I am doing my best.”- This is a simple phrase that can give you relief in those moments when you’re pushing yourself too hard. Remember you are doing all that you can.

  2. “I am only one person.”- Sometimes it can feel like you are never living up to your expectations. Remind yourself of your humanity and grace will follow. You aren’t a machine that can keep going without breaks; you are a human.

  3. “Mistakes happen to everyone.”- When we make a mistake, it can feel like the end of the world. However, everyone has made mistakes, just like you. Making mistakes is a universal human experience and will continue to be throughout your life.

  4. “I am not my mistakes.”- It’s easy to define yourself based on the mistakes you made and reduce yourself to a failure. You are so much more than the times you’ve messed up.

  5. “I will weather this storm.”- When something goes not according to plan and you find yourself struggling to adapt to the change, remind yourself that you will get past this troubling moment. It’s difficult now, but stick it out and you’ll be a stronger version of yourself in the future.

  6. “I have patience and time.”- When we’re stressed about a due date or event, we can feel as though we have little time to accomplish all that we need. When we slow down and use patience, time opens up to us, giving ourselves more grace.

  7. “I am meant for greater things.”- To avoid stressing about the little things in life and weighing your life down with worries, remind yourself of the big picture. Know that you’re meant for more than this moment.

  8. “I adapt to any change that comes my way.”- Humans were meant to evolve and change based on the circumstances around them. The beautiful part about being a human is that you’re able to adapt to whatever scenario you encounter. Let this truth guide you as you make your way past what is holding you in place.

  9. “I am my own inspiration.”- Stop relying on outside sources to give you validation. Giving yourself grace becomes easier when you believe in yourself. This way, you can always have a source of inspiration and positivity wherever you go.

  10. “Breaks are fuel for my brain.”- If you struggle with giving yourself time off, remind yourself of the importance that comes with slowing down and stopping to center yourself. Like food for your stomach, breaks are fuel for your brain to work more efficiently.

  11. “Tomorrow is a new day.”- This might sound cliché when you first say it, but sometimes we need a cliché phrase to put optimism back into our bones.

  12. “I refuse to apologize for being me.”- When you stand out from the crowd and are unapologetically you, you may garner more attention, but it’s important to stay true to yourself. When you are wholly yourself, you can love every part of you more.

  13. “I attract good into my life.”- Giving yourself grace can mean looking forward to the future and being open to what it delivers in your life. Don’t dwell on the bad. Attract the good.

  14. “I love all that my body does for me.”- If you get down on how you look and find yourself critiquing your appearance, give yourself grace by listening to your body and respecting it. Your body does so much for you.

  15. “I am worthy of love.”- When we get into a bad mindset it’s easy to spiral and feel like the world is against you. Remind yourself that you are worthy of love and deserve people in your life.

  16. “I am creating a wonderful life.”- Look towards the future by reminding yourself that your current small actions will pay off in the long-run, even if right now it seems that nothing is going according to plan.

  17. “Life is about balance”- Diversifying your day is important to living a satisfying life. Keep in mind that balance is important and free time shouldn’t be a chore. Working isn’t a punishment. These are essential parts of life that can be blended.

  18. “I deserve to be where I am.”- If you struggle with imposter syndrome accepting your accomplishments can come with difficulty. If you tell yourself that you deserve the recognition you receive, eventually you’ll come to believe these words of wisdom.

  19. “I am on my own path.”- Comparison can keep us from living our lives on our own terms and striving in our own way. Know that your journey will look different than someone else and that’s okay.

  20. “I keep the past behind me.”- When you dwell on the past and what you could’ve done differently, you stop yourself from living in the moment and can be hard on yourself. Leave it behind you and move forward without fear.

  21. “I release control.”- Keeping a strong grip on your life can be a comfort, but letting loose and giving over to life can help you discover new aspects of yourself and appreciate who you are when you aren’t trying to hold it all together.

  22. “I have a strong support system.”- When we get really down about ourselves and the way we feel, it can be helpful to remember the people outside of ourselves that can help us live a happier life.

  23. “I add value to the world.”- By just existing, you are adding to the world. When you’re particularly critical of yourself, you can get lost down a rabbit hole of self-doubt. Know that you add value just by existing.

  24. “I can’t be replaced.”- This is another mantra that can help when you’re struggling with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. You are one of a kind and cannot be replaced, no matter what you feel you’re lacking at.

  25. “It’s okay to say no.”- When you over-exert yourself and refuse to turn down plans, you can feel bad when you burnout and have to cancel plans. Saying no when you need to is always a great idea.

  26. “I use failure as motivation.”- Instead of getting caught up in your failures and mistakes, use them as a redirection and find a way to motivate yourself from this failure.

  27. “I am my top priority.”- Be a little selfish and treat yourself with the same grace that you give other people. You are in charge of your destiny, so keep yourself at the top of your priorities list.

  28. “I needed rest.”- We’ve talked about how you can motivate yourself to take breaks, but sometimes guilt comes in after we’ve rested. You may feel like you didn’t deserve a break or that your burnout wasn’t real. If your body and mind chose to rest, you deserve it and needed it.

  29. “My sensitivity is my strength.”- In a world that makes sensitive people feel less then, reminding yourself that your emotions are important can be essential to giving yourself grace to feel.

  30. “My voice and opinion matter.”- You may get down on yourself after voicing an opinion to those that aren’t receptive of it. No matter how people respond, know you’re worthy of voicing your thoughts as long as they don’t hurt others.