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Treatment Philosophy
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We all start out as acorns born with the inner capacity to grow into mighty oaks that are deeply rooted, strong, courageous, and able to provide shelter and nourishment to others. On our life journey many of us encounter forms of abuse, neglect or both. Whether the trauma was episodic and unpredictable in a chaotic home or very frequent, as in the home of caregivers who were consistently cruel, trauma disrupts the trajectory of our expected psychosocial development through life’s stages. It blocks us from living authentically as the unique being we were meant to be. It leaves us confused, self-doubting, isolated, and lonely. We wind up encasing our true Self in layers of fear, distrust, pain, shame, distractions, and addictions. Whether it occurred in the womb, in infancy, in childhood or adolescence trauma engenders chronic suffering. Words are power. People wounded by trauma use their words to oppress and degrade themselves rather than to buildup and inspire themselves. I see trauma therapy as a way to heal the original wound and thereby restore the qualities of balance, wholeness, and authenticity. 

There are two main types of therapy for trauma, those that exist to reduce suffering through symptom reduction and those that aim for a permanent cure. Symptom relievers include medication, grounding techniques, positive visualization, meditation, and positive affirmations. I teach symptom relieving techniques to clients who are not yet ready to journey back to and face the worst moments of their past. For other clients I provide clinically proven therapies designed to address and resolve the trauma that is the root cause of your suffering and alienation from Self and others. I collectively call them authentic life therapies, because they are meant to free you to live your life in the most authentic way. Authenticity requires empowerment through trauma therapies that help you release the negative material concealed in your subconscious that has molded your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors since childhood. I understand the incredible frustration clients experience when they feel or act as someone other than the person they most want to be. Clients seeking treatment know theoretically that they should not engage in physical self-harm, verbal self-attacks or forms of self-sabotage in the social and vocational realms. They would much rather put their energy into self-actualization and flourish than use their precious energy to maintain distressing symptoms and behaviors.  

This is where committed participation authentic life therapies come in. They can make the intolerable past tolerable in the present. They can help you to know, value, respect, and live as your true Self. They can negate the need for the facades, phony personas or ego defenses deployed in the false hope of keeping childhood pain at bay. Authentic life therapies can help you feel safe and secure wherever go. That’s because you no longer see yourself in a dark, distorted mirror or bow in fear to the harsh voice of your relentless inner critic. Authentic life therapies are for putting you in touch with your abilities, gifts, and talents, so that you choose your partners, friends, and work environments wisely – making sure they will value and support you rather than diminish or exploit you. Authentic life therapies help you feel whole and stand up for yourself instead of being triggered by the words or actions of anyone who blames, faults, betrays or verbally attacks you. They represent a pathway to regaining your vital energy, creativity, flexibility, playfulness, and your enjoyment of life.